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Gerimax® GGE

- for an active lifestyle

Fatigue and lack of energy – a universal problem
In our modern world, we are facing an increasingly demanding life both at work and at home that can result in overload, stress and lack of energy. There are many ways to get extra energy.  Some of the strongest sources to new energy are found in nature: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and ginseng. Gerimax® products are unique formulas that combine vitamins and minerals with a unique GGE Ginseng® Extract  that will help you to get extra energy and cope with life at its best.

What makes Gerimax® unique

Gerimax®– the Energy Expert since 1981
Gerimax® was launched in Denmark in 1981 and is marketed today in more than 20 countries. With more than 30 years of experience in product development, consumer research and clinical studies, we have unique expertise within the Energy segment.

GGE® Ginseng Extract
The highly concentrated and effective GGE®  Ginseng Extract  has been developed after years of research and clinical trials. The active ingredients help to fight problems related to fatigue, body and mental energy as well as the immune defense.

Gerimax® product range

Gerimax® Daily Energy - is a combination of vitamins, minerals and 100 mg GGE® Ginseng®

Gerimax® Daily Energy 50+ - is a combination of vitamins, minerals and 100 mg GGE®.  

Gerimax® Sport - is a combination of daily multivitamin, minerals, white tea and GGE®  Ginseng.

Gerimax® Strong - GGE®  Ginseng contains 200 mg of concentrated ginseng. 

Gerimax® Extreme energy - is a combination of GGE®  Ginseng, Guarana, Glucose.

For more information: gerimax-energi.dk
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